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Access to the university’s computer network

The university’s WLAN is available in all buildings belonging to the University of Basel. Numerous resources can also be accessed on the university computers installed in libraries and institutes. You can also access the network from home. Wherever you want to access the university’s network from, use your Unibas account.


There are multiple WLAN networks in the university’s buildings:

  • eduroam: You should use eduroam whenever possible. This network is also available at other participating universities around the world.
  • unibas-public: This WLAN does not require access data and does not enable access to the university network or the internet. It can be used to set up eduroam or the VPN client. The IT Services website can be accessed over this WLAN. You will find instructions for eduroam and the VPN there.
  • unibas-visitor: For guests (registration via mobile phone number – the access code is valid for six months).


Eduroam is a global network that allows members of universities to access the internet on their campuses. The University of Basel is connected. If you visit other universities in Switzerland and abroad, you can use the WLAN there with your Unibas access.

You must install the eduroam software on your devices before first use. You can find the software and instructions at IT Services:



VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network.” A VPN “tunnel” allows you to log in to the university’s network from outside and access digital resources.

For example, if you are connected to the university’s network from home through the VPN, you can use databases, read online journal articles, etc. as if you were on campus. VPN access also requires software which you can find, together with the instructions for it, here at IT Services.