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Example scenario of a lecture for first-year students

Characterized by: a large group of students (often more than 50), minimal interactivity

Integration concept

Integration concept


  • New knowledge (input) is taught during the synchronous phase.
  • Implementation in a hybrid learning environment requires much time and effort (see Chapter 7.2).
  • If writing on the board, this content must be provided on a tablet or visualizer when in a hybrid learning environment (remote access and/or recording of class for those students not present).
  • It is recommended that a virtual office hour is offered to students not able to attend.
  • The students are informed about the content covered in the synchronous and asynchronous phase and the resources available to them for independent study purposes (red line: “learning support”, see Chapter 5).
  • Pro: As many first-year students as possible can attend in person and establish personal ties.
  • Con: The technical implementation in the lecture rooms has no support (recording and/or remote connection). The office hour constitutes extra work.