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Overview of tools for digital teaching

The teaching methods outlined below can be applied using the following tools:

  • ADAM: Central teaching and learning platform to design and support the asynchronous learning phase/independent study; individual ADAM modules can also be used for the synchronous learning phase (see Chapter 6.3 and Chapter 7.3)
  • Zoom: Video conferencing system for seminars/classes with a high level of interaction and student group work (campus license also includes students; see Chapter 7.3)
  • Panopto: Recording or webcasting of lectures/classes with minimal interactivity; asynchronous or synchronous (see Chapter 6.2 and 7.2)
  • SWITCHdrive: Uploading large files (see Tales guide on publishing online classes/media)
  • ** AV media kit:** AV media kits, consisting of Logitech Meetup, tripod and external microphone, are provided for recording or transmitting (hybrid classroom) physical classroom sessions. Logitech Meetup is an all-in-one solution that includes a wide-angle camera, microphone and speakers. It connects to a laptop via USB and can then be used as an external webcam with microphone in Zoom, Webex and more. Together with the tripod, lectures can also flexibly be recorded. Further information can be found on the manufacturers website and in chapter 2.2 of the Tales guide Panopto: Instructions for installation and use.
    The equipment is available at the University of Basel in about 100 classrooms. The room info provides information about the equipment of the rooms with the AV media kit. Instructions how to use the AV media set are provided, but no central (on-site) support can be granted (see Chapter 7.2).
  • Tales: New Media Center service for creation of well-designed, asynchronous, long-term multimedia course elements (see Chapter 6.2)

Of course, the various IT tools listed on the EduTools website for design and implementation of digital classes will continue to be made available.