Panopto: Instructions for installation and use

Simple solution for recording lectures

Updated June 2024

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Since the start of the autumn semester 2020, the University of Basel will provide lecturers with a new tool to support their digital teaching. Panopto allows you to easily record and distribute your lectures. This course will give you an introduction to the software and explain the audio-visual media set. You will also learn how to integrate your newly created content into your lecture. The recording of individual events as well as the integration of the room equipment is still under construction and will be included in this manual in due time.

Last Update: 09.03.2021

The corona pandemic has had a huge impact on teaching and much of our teaching content is therefore being offered online. With Panopto the University of Basel provides a basic tool that supports the teaching experience without a great deal of additional effort for the lecturers.

You can use Panopto to create video recordings of your lectures and share those lectures with your students. With Panopto, you can:

  • Record lectures - including slides - at home or in the lecture hall using a laptop.
  • Very easily edit and share these recordings with your students without requiring a SWITCHTube channel.
  • Conduct so-called webcasts: these are livestreams that you can prepare, plan, and invite your audience to via a link.
  • Set up various interactive options such as chats or discussions.

With Panopto, your students can:

  • Watch your lectures independently of attendance.
  • Switch back and forth between the lecturer and the slides, if needed.
  • Take notes on the lectures and, if necessary, use other interactive options.

Panopto allows you to easily record your lectures, with little preparation time. You can do the recording yourself, and your students will experience your lecture as if they were in the lecture hall. However, these recordings will not be stored forever. Unlike services such as MOOCs or Tales courses Panopto recordings are deleted from the Cloud two years after their last view. This deletion process is automated. In the case of recordings in which students are recognizable, the creator of the video is - for reasons of data protection - responsible for deleting them after six months.

If you are interested in longer-term solutions for teaching your courses online, please contact the New Media Center to discuss available options.

You will find more information about the services offered at the University of Basel in the course online teaching.


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