Examinations and assessments for collaborative learning

(H) So far: Results of a group work

Digital alternative: Upload of a file (up to 300 MB; up to 30 groups) to ADAM or (up to 4 GB) to SWITCHdrive

Further notes:

  • The files are delivered to the Postbox type folder (return folder) or the Exercise block (a video tutorial can be found here)

  • Define a time window (and optionally a grace period) for submission (e.g. 24-hour housekeeping)

  • Files can also be submitted as a team

  • Files submitted by students via upload should not be too big (recommendation: < 10 MB)

(I) So far: Peer feedback

Digital alternative: Peer feedback with Portfolio or Forum on ADAM

Further notes:

  • Portfolio: Students can evaluate each other’s portfolios after submission. For this purpose, criteria can be defined and organized in a catalogue.

  • Forum: Peer feedback can also be prompted with a discussion board, in which students open a new topic with their contribution (e.g. essay as a file), which is then commented by their fellow students.

  • Possibility to define a required number of feedbacks per student

(K) So far: Active (discussion) participation, active collaboration, active involvement

Digital alternative:

  • Wiki on ADAM

  • Etherpad on ADAM

  • Forum on ADAM

Further notes:

  • Wiki: Possibility to create many individual, linked websites that can be read, extended, changed and deleted by students. Contents and structures are continuously evolving.

  • Wiki: A video tutorial can be found here

  • Etherpad: Several people can edit a text document at the same time (all changes are immediately visible to all)

  • Forum: Forum as communication medium for asynchronous discussions