Q: When can I request access to Panopto?
A: It is not necessary to request access to Panopto. Panopto can be used in ADAM since September 7, 2020. Since March 2021, you can also access Panopto directly via

Q: How do I get access to Panopto?
A: You can access Panopto via You can also use Panopto through your course in ADAM. Create a new Panopto Object to create and upload your videos.

Q: Where can I find support for problems?
A: Information on how to use the software can be obtained from this Tales course. If this course could not help you, please send your support request directly to

Q: How long are my videos available? Will they be deleted at some point?
A: As long as the contract between the university and Panopto is running, recordings will be automatically removed from the plattform two years after their last view, after which you will lose access to your recordings. For reasons of data protection, you must delete recordings in which participants of the lecture are recognizable after 6 months.

Q: I have already produced videos with Zoom, Camtasia, etc.; can I no longer use them if I decide to use Panopto?
A: You can now also store this content on the Panopto platform. How to do this is explained here. Also with Camtasia you can now directly place your videos on Panopto on “Produce”.

Q: May I film and record participants of my lectures / seminars?
A: Yes, as long as the participants of the event have been informed about the filming / recording. You must delete these videos after 6 months yourselves. This regulation is derived from the “Regulations for Sound and Image Recording in Teaching at the University of Basel” dated 30 June 2020:

Q: Are there alternatives to Panopto?
A: Yes, you can use SwitchTube to save and share your already created videos. Live broadcasts can also be realized with Zoom (with limited number of participants. See Zoom Tales.)

Q: How long are my Videos held on Panopto?
A: Our content retention policy says that the videos are being archived 13 months after the last view and further automatically deleted after 24 months after the last view.


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