This chapter explains how to edit your video. If you would like to add PowerPoint presentations or a quiz to your video, or if you would like to edit the video, you will find the instructions here.

Move the cursor over your video to select the desired editing option:

A new window will open. On the left, you will see the edit menu. We will go into more detail about Slides, Quizzes, Cuts and Clips.


If you would like to provide users of a video with an associated presentation, you can do so in the edit menu under “Slides”. As already explained in the Settings chapter, you can upload your presentation as a PDF via “Settings” > “Streams”. Or you can upload a PowerPoint file here via “Slides” > “Add presentation”. It will take a moment for the presentation to be processed. You will then be able to see it.

If you would like to make the presentation available for download, you can do so very easily. Return to the menu. Click on Settings (1) > Streams (2) and tick the Allow (3) checkbox.


You also have the option of adding one or more quizzes to your video. Click on Quizzes in the edit menu on the left and then click on Add a Quiz (A). You now have the option to give the quiz a name (B) (this is particularly useful if you plan to include several quizzes in your video). You can then choose between different (1) question types (you can choose between True/False, Multiple Choice and Fill in Gaps). Then enter your (2) question(s) and the corresponding answer(s). If you want to add more questions, click on (3) Add a question. If you want to finish the quiz, click on (4) Done.

There are other (optional) settings you can use for your video. Determine the (1) position (= point in time in the video) where the quiz should appear. Should the quiz be completed between chapters or at the end of a lecture? Also select the (2) order in which the questions should appear and tick the options you want (Repeat Quiz, Note, Block Continuation). Finally, click on (3) Finish.


For videos that you have made yourself, it can be helpful to trim the beginning and the end of the video (and possibly also bits in between). This is very easy to do with Panopto. Click on “Cuts” in the edit menu. In the timeline below the video image, select the part you want to cut.

To do this, position the cursor over the point you would like to start the edit, click and drag to the right, and then let go at the point you want the cut to finish. This part will now appear grey in the timeline. To check the changes, tick the “Edit preview during playback” checkbox just above the timeline and click on “Play” (= triangle below the video image). If you are satisfied with the changes, click on “Apply” in the top right corner. It will take a moment for the changes to be processed.

If you are not satisfied with the cuts, you can undo the changes (back arrow in the top bar). You can also delete the cuts manually. To do this, drag the edges of the grey area and reduce them so that they disappear again:

Add a Clip

You can add your own clips to your recorded video. On the editor timeline, select where you want to add the clip and then select the ”+” icon (1) on the toolbar. In the pop-up menu that appears, select Add a Clip (2). You can change the location of the new clip within the timeline later on, but this is more time-consuming.

Clips are completed videos that you are now inserting as a whole. This means that you have to edit all the clips you want to insert before you insert them; you cannot edit them afterwards, within the timeline. You can only insert whole videos and not just parts of videos. These videos have to be available in Panopto (you cannot upload videos to Panopto in this step; you have upload them before this step).

This will open the window below:

Select the folder (1) which contains your video clip. Then select the video (2) and click on Insert (3).

The clip will now appear in the timeline (1) at your predefined location (this can be in the middle of your timeline, for example). You will also find the clip listed in the Contents tab (2). Once the clip is inserted, you can only edit its beginning or end (3 and 4), but not its middle. If you want to edit the clip in the middle, you have to do this in the original clip before inserting it in the timeline.

Editing the Clip Location: to change the location of your clip in the timeline, click on the three vertical dots to the right of the clip on the Contents tab (1). Click on Edit (2).

In the Edit clip window, you can now provide an exact Start time, or place the clip at the beginning of the timeline or at the end of the timeline. Note that the timeline now looks different because both videos are combined. Select Save when you are done.

For more detailed information, watch this video:


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