Sharing a live Webcast of a lecture

If you would like to share a live Webcast of your lecture, select the “Webcast” checkbox before you start the recording.

To start the broadcast, click the “Record” button. A link to your Webcast is generated after your broadcast starts. You can share this link with your viewers.

Please note that there is approximately a 40-second delay between what the presenter is showing and what the viewer sees.

Webcast in Browser

You can also prepare a webcast in your browser. To start, click on the “Create” button (1) and choose “Webcast” in the drop-down menu that appears (2).

This will open the window below:

Give your webcast a name (1) and description (2) and select the folder that you want to save the webcast to (3). This is important both for you and your viewers. Then click the”Create”button (4).Once you have created the webcast, the usual settings will appear. You can edit the details here as described earlier in this chapter. You can decide who you want to share the video with (1) and whether the video will be available immediately and permanently or for a certain period of time (3).And, importantly, you can record the video (2). When you click on the “Record” link, you will be redirected to the Panopto app.

Before you are redirected, you will be asked whether your browser is allowed to open the app. Click on “Allow”.

Record your video as usual. When you have finished recording, you will be redirected to an overview with three links: (1) “Share”, (2) “Edit” and (3) “View online”. These three links will take you to their respective options in the browser. Select what you need for your webcast. Your webcast will then be ready and available at the time you specified.

Watch this video for a more detailed explanation:


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