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Wrapping up Chapter 2

What is transdisciplinary research (TDR)? What are its goals and principles and when is it applicable? In Chapter 2, TDR is described as an approach to address complex societal challenges with research.

Congratulations, you have reached the end of the second chapter! In it, goals and principles of TDR were introduced as well as elements of a definition of TDR.

We looked into the key concepts of TDR, including the three types of knowledge, the production of knowledge that is societally relevant and scientifically valid, and the question on what it could mean to contribute to the common good. We also discussed when TDR is applicable and where you see the potential to use transdisciplinary approaches in your work.

In the case steps, you learnt about the background and context conditions of each project. What constitutes the challenges? Where are the projects situated, and which actors do you consider as potentially relevant?

Go over your notes and reflections again in order to answer these questions.

Based on the learnings of this chapter, we now have the basis to look deeper into the process of transdisciplinary projects, both theoretically and practically with the projects.

Author: Tobias Buser