Reflecting transdisciplinary research projects

Evaluating transdisciplinary research (TDR) projects is not an easy task. They include several perspectives and a range of possible outcomes, outputs, and impacts. To tackle this challenge, this video proposes to answer three key questions. Welcome to the first step of the final chapter of this course!

Usually, if you evaluate a research project, you assess key metrics like publications in peer reviewed scientific journals or conference contributions. In the case of a transdisciplinary project, these metrics are not enough to cover and reflect the whole approach. The evaluation, then, becomes rather complex.

In this video, Tobias Buser explores three questions to familiarise you with the broad field of evaluating TDR projects:

  1. What is special about the evaluation of transdisciplinary projects?
  2. Who should evaluate transdisciplinary projects?
  3. Which approaches are promising when you evaluate a transdisciplinary project?

Think of the cases you have seen during the last five chapters. If you were asked to evaluate them and to reflect what they have achieved – how would you do that? How would you organise an evaluation that does them justice? Try to think of solutions before you watch the video.

Educator: Tobias Buser