Your experience with social reading

Paper & Pencil Task

Now it is your turn to experience social reading.

You have two options:

A. For those of you who feel comfortable signing in with an external site:

This task invites you to engage in a online discussion. To do so, please follow these instructions:
1. Go to the Open Utopia website.
2. Click ‘Discuss on Social Book’.
3. Connect with Facebook, log in with Google or create an account.
4. Once you are logged in, click the ‘books icon’ in the top left corner.
5. Click ‘The Commons’ in the top left corner.
6. Choose one of these three texts (all of which have elicited a good number of comments) and reply to at least one comment by another user. Use your close reading skills for this!
    a. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
    b. Hamlet by William Shakespeare
    c. Hard Times by Charles Dickens
7. Reflect your experiences with social reading. This may touch upon a variety of issues, including these: To what extent do you believe social reading can enrich your reading experience? How do you feel about making your interpretation about a literary text available to a worldwide audience?

See also the help pages of SocialBook.

B. For those of you who do not feel comfortable signing in with an external site:

Explore The Golden Notebook Project discussed in a previous chapter further. On the basis of this example, answer one or several of the following questions:
1. Does the collaborative practice of social reading truly enhance our understanding of literary texts?
2. Does social reading allow for a free exchange of equals?
3. Will social reading ever replace solitary reading?

Note: since a few of the hyperlinks do not work, you can navigate this site best by clicking ‘Next Page with Comments’. Note also that while the discussion is closed, you can reopen it via the Hypothes.is tool. Follow this link and right-click on the passages that you want to highlight or annotate.

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