Tackling water scarcity – part 2: 
actors and context

Water scarcity has been an issue for people living in the region of Crans-Montana for a long time. The topic includes uneven distribution as well as the increasing water use of stakeholders in the last fifty years. In this video, Flurina Schneider explores actors and the context of the case study.

Due to its topography and the circulation of water, the region Crans-Montana-Sierre is one of the driest areas in Switzerland. In addition, the changes in economy, tourism, and urban development over the last decades intensified water scarcity. These are just some of the cornerstones that help explain the actual situation as well as future prospects.

This video describes the main circumstances and shows how in recent years more actors increased the water use. Please also study the files attached below to get more information about the terrain, the political responsibilities, and key water use issues. Thus, the challenges of this case become more outlined.

Educator: Prof. Dr. Flurina Schneider