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What do scholars write about 'In a Station of the Metro'?

Let us play a game. Throw a die or pick any number between 1 and 6 if you do not have a die at hand. Make a (mental) note of it. Now visit the interpretations of ‘In a Station of the Metro’ available on the University of Illinois’s excellent Modern American Poetry website.

Paraphrase in your own words and discuss one historical or literary-historical insight made by a scholar whose surname begins with a letter that falls within the range of the number you have picked:
1-2: A-K
3-4: L-S
5-6: T-Z

Write a 300-500 word text that includes the following parts:
1. Name of scholar
2. Type of reading (historical/literary-historical/other)
3. Quote of the scholar’s insight
4. Paraphrase in my own words
5. Discussion


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