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Analyse video abstracts

Find some short videos on the web that in your opinion do a good job of presenting scientific content. Focus on examples outside of your field of expertise.

Analyse the structure of these videos and take notes. What comes first, where is the discussion – and how is the audience addressed? Observe which points you remember well after your first viewing. Ask yourself why you think you remembered these points. What do you think are good strategies to make a topic memorable?

If you feel ready, please fill in the following wizard. Once you have done that, you can download and print it. Please consider that we do not store your documents. Thus, you only have access to your work if you save it to your computer the moment you have finished answering the questions.

Note: Participants registered for the course Video Abstracts at the University of Basel should bring this document to our first meeting. Alternatively you can download the attached PDF in order to take notes.

Here is a link where you will find some examples of freely accessible video abstracts.