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Conceptualize images for your video abstract

After having learned about all the visual pitfalls and guidelines and the relationship between images and text, let’s get back to your own video abstract and how you can use images.

Write down a concept of three images and visualizations you could include in your video abstract and how they should be presented. Write down what you think is necessary to understand the images, the context it requires to understand them, and how you could guide your viewers. For example: Do you need one or more graphs? How much information should you display on each one and in which order can you introduce them? Are there microscopic photographs, fMRI scans or other images that require an explanation of what can be seen? Think also about where in your video abstract your images could be placed.

Note: In our on-site course learners get a template to work on the scenario based on this exercise. So please take the results to our first meeting.


University of Basel