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Data Protection

Data Protection

Updated February 2024

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Whether it’s with regard to data leaks, social media companies’ obsessive collection of data or digital self-determination, data protection is of great public interest.

Handling one’s own data securely is among the most important skills when navigating digital space. Handling other people’s data appropriately in the course of daily work is also critical, both for private companies and for public institutions such as the University of Basel. However, different regulations apply to the public institutions than to private companies. This course is aimed in particular at employees of public institutions, specifically in the Canton of Basel-Stadt. In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of data protection. In the first chapter, you will learn when data protection law is applicable, what the difference is between factual and personal data, what legal sources are relevant to data handling, and who bears responsibility for the proper handling of data. When you have completed the course, you will also know the principles of data processing, understand the role of consent when processing data, and be familiar with legal obligations related to contract data processing and the risks of cloud services. You will be guided through the course by Professor Beat Rudin, Data Protection Officer for the Canton of Basel-Stadt, and Danielle Kaufmann, Data Protection Officer at the University of Basel.



Prof. Dr. iur. Beat Rudin, lic. iur. Danielle Kaufmann, in collaboration with the Digital Literacies project, educational technologies, Universität Basel.

Förderung: swissuniversities


Prof. Dr. iur. Beat Rudin
Data Protection Officer Kanton Basel-Stadt


lic. iur. Danielle Kaufmann
Data Protection Officer University of Basel