General Information

This course serves as a step-by-step guide from the University of Basel on how you as a lecturer can publish your lectures or seminars online as easily as possible.

There are various possibilities available for this purpose, in order to digitize or to hold your lecture or seminar online and to publish your lecture media. As a lecturer, you can choose the options that best suit your course and are compatible with your time resources.

Possibilities for the digitalization of your lecture

  • Sound recordings with PowerPoint: You can easily add a voice recording to your usual PowerPoint presentation. This voice recording can be recorded directly in your PowerPoint program. If you are interested in this option, please refer to Chapter 2 to learn how to proceed.

  • Sound recording with Voice Recording Software: Another possibility is to offer a sound recording - independent of a PowerPoint presentation. Audio podcasts are currently on the rise precisely because they are easy to handle in everyday life. If you are interested in this option, please refer to Chapter 3 to find out how to proceed.

  • Holding online lectures or online seminars with students: There is also the possibility to hold your lecture or seminar online and as appropriate record it with the software Zoom. If you are interested in this option, please read Chapter 5 how to proceed; and learn more about the AV media set, provided by the University of Basel, in Chapter 6.

  • Offer lectures as a blended learning course: If you want to combine synchronous elements of your course with asynchronous phases of self-study, you will find detailed instructions here.

  • Recording online lectures with Panopto: Since recently, it is also possible to record your event with Panopto and connect it with ADAM. You can find separate instructions here.

  • Create a complete online course: Finally, there is the possibility to create a complete multimedia online course (including articles, videos and quizzes). However, this requires a somewhat longer preparation. This would be realized with the service Tales of the New Media Center. You can find a good example here. The team of the New Media Center will gladly guide you through the development and creation.

Possibilities for publishing your lecture media

If the entire contents of many lectures are to be made available online, this requires very large storage capacities. In order to avoid overloading the ADAM learning platform of the University of Basel, various recommendations have therefore been drawn up. First of all, please read Chapter 4.2 how you can reduce the file size of your PowerPoint presentations and PDFs. On ADAM you can upload files with a size of up to 300 MB. For the upload of larger media you may use:

  • SWITCHdrive: It is recommended that you store all files that you wish to share on SWITCHdrive. Please refer to Chapter 4.3 for the best way to proceed.

  • Panopto: We recommend using Panopto when publishing videos. Please refer to Chapter 4.4 for the best way to proceed.

  • ADAM: Please refer to Chapter 4.5 for information on how to upload files to ADAM or link the media uploaded on a different platform.


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