General information

When you have finished creating your media (slides, audio recordings etc.), you can make them accessible on ADAM or SWITCHdrive or link them to an ADAM workspace.

It is recommended that you store large files on SWITCHdrive (Chapter 4.3) and link them to ADAM. On ADAM you can only upload files that are up to 300 MB. For publishing videos there is also the possibility of using SWITCHtube in general (Chapter 4.4). Files on SWITCHdrive can be linked to your ADAM workspace.

There is also the, recommended, possibility of recording your online lectures with the software Panopto which is connected with ADAM. You can find the instructions here.

An interface from ADAM to the course administration (services.unibas.ch) enables lecturers to automatically set up so-called synchronised course workspaces for each course, which can be accessed by all students who have enrolled in that course. You’ll find it in the drop-down menu ‘Desktop’ under ‘My Workspaces and Groups’. For courses outside the regular semester planning process (e.g. block courses), you can also apply for a workspace in ADAM at any time via the menu item ‘More’ and manage the admission procedure yourself or add students manually. If you teach at the university, you usually receive a workspace within 24 hours. You can find detailed instructions and further help on ADAM at adam.unibas.ch/help.

Once you have uploaded your recordings you can embed the corresponding links in your ADAM account.

  1. Log into your ADAM account and select your workspace.
  2. Click “Add New Item” and select “Weblink”.
  3. Select under “Option 1: Add New Weblink” the Weblink Target “World Wide Web”
  4. Insert the new link (SWITCHdrive, …) under “URL”.
  5. Name the link and click on the button “Add Weblink”.

More detailed instructions can be found on the ADAM help page (in German).


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