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Find articles with Google Scholar

The following tutorial shows you the most important functions of Google Scholar, a search engine for scientific literature. It offers one effective way to find a range of scientific papers and books.

Google Scholar is a very easy to use search engine, but its results are very broad and sometimes they are unspecific. If you are a member of an university and you want to precisely search through psychology articles, you can activate the VPN service of your University and use the Web of Science within the area ‘psychology’ or other psychological search engines like Psyndex and PsychInfo.

Watch Jana Jarecki explaining the basics of Google Scholar:

Note: to download full texts you may need a license (ask your library). Other search engines – which may be interesting because they are more specific to psychology – are the APA PsycNet or the Web of Science. You may want to check with your local university library if they have access to those databases as well.


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