Conducting Psychological Research

An online tutorial

Mis à jour en juin 2024

Conducting psychological experiments is a key skill of psychologists. In this online course we take you step by step through the experimental process.

In the following chapters you learn how to find good research questions; get information about literature search – the basic ingredients of any experiment; discover the ethics behind psychological experiments; follow a statistics recap and a quick introduction to the statistical software R; get a guide on how to write and cite in scientific papers and much more.

The material is a hands-on, practical guide. For an exhaustive discussion of similar topics, we recommend you to consult introductory literature, like ‘Harris, P. (2008). Designing and reporting experiments in psychology. McGraw-Hill Education (UK)’.

Note: you don’t need to read the material in sequential order. Feel free to jump to any chapter that helps you wherever you are in the process of designing your experiment.

The following people participated in the formation of this course:
Sharon Steinemann: What is a good research question?/ Structuring a science paper/ When to cite?
Steve Heinke: What is a good source?/ How to find theories and hypothesis
Jana B. Jarecki: Find articles with Google Scholar/ Introduction to a literature management program/ References in APA style with Zotero/ Create a flowchart/
Interview with ethics expert Dr. David Shaw/ Testothek/ Write a method section/ How to make an analysis plan/ Read data with R/ Graphics with R
Lea Nahon: When to cite?/ How to cite?
Julia Bopp: How to remember what you read/ Write a discussion section
Victoria Siegrist: Ethics and informed consent/ Writing an abstract
Jana Petrovska: Covariates, demographics and manipulation check/ Write a results section
Loreen Tisdall: Write introduction and theory sections
Leonie Geissmann: Hypothesis tests with R
Ash Luckman: Which test for which hypothesis?/ Installing R and RStudio/ Clean data with R
Csaba Boglari: proofreading


University of Basel


Julia Ayumi Bopp


Ashley James Luckman


Pavlina Mastrandreas


Victoria Siegrist


Sharon Steinemann