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Video Abstract Course

Video Abstract Course

Updated September 2022

Video abstracts are short video clips offering scientists an interesting way to present their research. The genre has evolved since the early 21st century. This course introduces some basic skills that researchers need to produce their own video abstracts.

Last update: 04.09.2020

The course Video Abstracts is taught at the University of Basel as part of the program Transferable Skills. Its objective is to familiarise postgraduates students with the necessities and challenges of a genre that promises to enhance the reach of their publication. What you will find in the following online chapters is the openly accessible part of this blended learning course. In the on-campus teaching , we focus on coaching every student to produce his or her own video abstract.

Some of the steps refer directly to the classroom teaching. Others are hopefully useful if you want to address some basic skills on your own. In the latter case, keep in mind that the online course is just part of a fuller program.

The course is the result of a cooperation between four people. PD Dr Mirko Winkler from the Swiss TPH covers video abstracts in view of their role in scientific communication. Stephan Meyer from the Language Center of the University of Basel explores the linguistic necessities of the genre. Dr Thomas Lehmann as well as Sebastian Schell from the New Media Center of the University of Basel are responsible for the media skills introduced in this course.


University of Basel


Dr Thomas Lehmann
Sebastian Schell
Stephan Meyer
PD Dr Mirko Winkler